Mobile Sales Tool and Features

When discussing the features and benefits of a Troy Apps Software Mobile Sales Tool, it helps to make a distinction between “native apps” and “web apps.”

The Mobile Sales Tool marks the beginning of a new era in sales – Troy Apps Software developed a native iPad application that is revolutionizing the way B2B catalogs are presented to sales personnel, dealers and distributors. Innovative software features provide your sales team with a significant advantage over print catalogs or web-based apps by embedding your content, images and videos within the app itself. This system eliminates the need for any outside resources, meaning your products and descriptions are available anytime, anywhere.

The Mobile Sales Tool takes full advantage of Apple’s iOS technologies, ensuring that your catalog will run quickly and efficiently, while looking just as beautiful as the printed version. Your sales team will sell more efficiently than ever before. Your dealers and distributers will be up-to-date at all times. And your end-users will appreciate how easy it will be to shop and learn about your products!

Since each catalog is built to your requirements, any of the following features can be added:

Your sales team, dealers and distributors can place their orders directly to your corporate office. Customers can verify and approve each order. Once the order is placed, the purchase order can be sent to wherever is necessary.
Unlike a printed catalog, once your app is released, we can update it at anytime. Changes are made and pushed out to your sales team’s iPads. A simple update is performed and all changes are made. No more stickers or inserts.
Full search capabilities are available in your catalog. Virtually anything can be searched — product names, model numbers, specifications, etc. — making it much faster and easier for the salesperson or customer to find exactly what they need.
Conveniently email product information to any email account. Select the product and tap the email icon. Type in the email address(es) and send. It’s that easy. A high quality PDF will be emailed for others to review or approve.
Make notes for each customer meeting. Questions to answer, remarks made by the customer, etc. Then email or text them to the appropriate departments for the answers. Or simply keep them yourself for later review.
Videos can be used to tell your products’ story — something a printed catalog could never do. Videos can be embedded on a page and played right alongside other product information. And with a single finger tap, the video can play full screen.
You can manage and entire library of product videos. Videos can be downloaded and stored on the iPad and removed after a period of time or by allowing the user to delete videos that have been viewed.
Use standard iPad gestures like pinch-to-zoom on any page or image. We ensure your catalog is presented in the highest quality available so your products can be viewed in fine detail. Let your customer really see the quality of your product line.
Move about your catalog quickly and effortlessly — a very important feature that other catalog applications seem to forget. We know how important it is to ensure a great user experience when viewing your catalog.
Give your customers an easy way to find your dealers. All they need to do is type in their Zip Code and mile radius to find all your dealers close by. All with Google enabled maps for easy-to-follow directions.
Bookmark any page in the catalog for future reference. Once a page is bookmarked, tap on the Bookmark icon from any page and see a list of all your bookmarked pages. Tap the page in the list and you’re instantly there.
Analytics can track many aspects of your app. What products or videos have been viewed, how long users spend reviewing product information, which PDFs are downloaded or the version number of your app beings used by your sales team.
Save money by printing only what you need with current content direct from your iPad. Have complete control and flexibility while delivering fast, highly accurate, on-demand printing and distribution. Get exactly the result that will be most effective for your needs and maximize your print investment.
The US uses approximately 68 million trees each year to produce 17 billion catalogs and 65 billion pieces of direct mail.* Converting your product catalogs to digital will reduce this burden. Now is the time to “Go Green”.*Source: American Forest & Paper Assoc.

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