Introducing the Mobile Sales Tool

We are in a new era of sales, one that calls for more than data sheets and flat PDF catalogs. Your customers want more than the typical sales collateral. They want to be informed, entertained and dazzled by your product marketing material. This means you need to take that extra step and give them a product catalog that is engaging and easy-to-use.

This is where the Mobile Sales Tool comes in. With the Mobile Sales Tool you can quickly and easily create just the type of sales and marketing material your customers and distributors are asking for. The Mobile Sales Tool has a simple-to-use interface that allows you to create a customized and dynamic catalog.

The Mobile Sales Tool is an iPad application that is changing the way B2B catalogs are presented and used by your sales personnel and distributors. With standard print catalogs you are limited to providing a small amount of text and a few photos to sell and market your product.

Using the Mobile Sales Tool, you can include multiple photos, embed videos, and provide dynamic and interesting product descriptions. Because this content is included in the app, you do not need an Internet connection or high bandwidth to access, use and display your product catalog.

Mobile Sales Tool Highlights and Features

No two catalogs created with the Mobile Sales Tool are alike, this is due to the robust feature list that allows you to be creative and really show off your product(s):

  • Full search capabilities allow your users to search the catalog
  • Embedded videos let you really demonstrate product features
  • Order placement functionality gives your sales personnel a simple way to drive sales
  • Remote update gives you the freedom to update your catalog whenever required
  • Analytics gives you the data you need to fully understand how your catalog is being used
  • Learn More about the Mobile Sales Tool

We’ve put together a short informative video that shows you how easy it is to use the Mobile Sales Tool to develop your dynamic product catalog (see below). Watch our video to learn how to insert your product data into the app and the range of photos you can include to make your catalog visually appealing.

Watch the Mobile Sales Tool Quick Look video to get a first look at this innovative and cutting-edge sales tool. Be sure to browse our website to learn more about the Mobile Sales Tool and how it can be used to take your sales to the next level.


This video is the first in a series of 12 tutorial videos found on the Mobile Sales Tool Builder web site. Once logged in, any user can view these videos for information on how to create their native iPad catalog apps.

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